Churn rate leaky bucket
Churn rate leaky bucket

Author: Max Steele — Max is a data scientist with a background in biological research and education, and experience with machine learning and data visualization. You can learn more about or contact them here.

Customer churn — the loss of customers using your product or subscribing to your services — can be a death blow for subscription businesses. No matter how many customers you sign on in a given month, if they can’t be retained, your business will fail.

While a seemingly obvious metric to track, understanding the root causes of customer churn requires in-depth analysis.

Churn analysis involves using…

Thanks to machine learning and AI there have been major advancements in areas like search engine results, product recommendations, and autonomous vehicles. There is no denying that AI and machine learning have already transformed our lives and will continue to shape the future in a major way.

While these algorithms are often thought of as black boxes, they are increasingly relied upon for highly sensitive and critical tasks. This lack of understanding and the autonomy given to AI systems can lead to disastrous results.

Machine learning algorithms have the potential to perpetuate and amplify biases that are already present in…

Depending on where you look in the media, data science promises to be either the answer to all our problems or the cause of our downfall. Companies have taken notice responding to declarations like “Data is the New Oil” or that a data scientist is “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. We’re also witnessing a proliferation of data science programs from academic institutions as well as a host of alternative education avenues, like data science MOOCs and bootcamps, to meet the demand for talent.

Despite all the media attention and educational programs, there is still a lot of confusion…

We’ve all heard it before: it is “mission-critical” to “leverage” data. Well, no kidding — the question is how? Every analytics company under the sun has been telling us this “leverage data now” message for years. Yet, for some reason, despite the number of tools and platforms flooding the market, the ability to analyze and utilize data is not getting easier. Good data analysis still requires a skilled professional who can apply cutting edge techniques to help your company “leverage” your data effectively. But how do you find this person?

With the rise of the gig economy and the advent…

There is a broad misconception that academia and industry are worlds apart and that the academic’s skillset is not transferable to industry problems. This narrative is far from true, particularly within STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and computational fields. Within programs like physics, bioinformatics, and statistics is a vast pool of individuals using a combination of hypothesis driven exploration, cutting-edge data science and analytics techniques, and illustrative storytelling to find answers to the world’s most challenging questions. These skills are highly transferable and valuable for companies as they think about how to retain their customers in a given year or…


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